Share your car and live a better life

SUBSKRYB is a platform that connects car owners with those who want to use their cars
on the go, and we’ve made it as simple as possible.

Save on gas and parking costs
SUBSKRYB eliminates the need for owning a car and allows
you to find and travel in the best cars around. Enjoy the
beauty of the great outdoors with SUBSKRYB.
Make money while you share your car
We know you don't always have the time of day to earn money on your own terms, so we've
made it easy for SUBSKRYB users to earn income by sharing their idle cars. With SUBSKRYB's
earning potential, getting a new car becomes less of an investment and more of an opportunity.


Welcome to SUBSKRYB, your number one subscription-based, car sharing company that offers luxury rentals from independent car owners. We're dedicated to helping car owners put their idle cars to better use through our share and earn program as well as providing the largest car sharing marketplace so renters can get the perfect car for all their mobility needs.

Created in 2020 by co-founders Kendell Johnson, Giovanni Smith and Preston Martelly, SUBSKRYB was borne in response to the challenges and gaps that exist in the car rental and car sharing industry. After rigorous research and consultations with industry experts, the trio developed SUBSKRYB which operates an advanced Vehicle-As-A-Service (VAAS) model with secure management systems that combine high quality vehicles with flexible rental options and a first class user experience for both owners and renters. Our subscription-based model ensures long lasting relationships are established overtime thereby, making it mutually beneficial and more rewarding for everyone in the long run.

We are on a journey to revolutionize personal mobility and invite you to share this experience with us. We hope you will enjoy our innovative service as much as we enjoyed creating it with and for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments .

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Gran Turismo MC


SUBSKRYB is a car share platform that connects vehicle owners with
 people who would like to use their vehicle for a period of time.


Top Questions

Members can either visit the website ( or use the SUBSKRYB app to select a subscription tier to suit their needs and budget. Using the mobile-app or website, qualified SUBSKRYBers can then select their choice of vehicle by sorting through categorical options provided.

The interface is very user-friendly and showcases a large fleet of dealership-quality, luxury cars. Our goal is to make sure all members have the perfect car for every occasion.

What is included in a SUBSKRYB subscription package? 

As a SUBSKRYBer, you will have access to your selected tier’s unique fleet — plus insurance, maintenance, add-ons and more. Let us take care of all the minor details so you can focus on driving.

What vehicles are included with SUBSKRYB?

SUBSKRYB offers vehicles from a variety of high end brands. Inventory available to a SUBSKRYBer will be dependent on their selected tier. The SUBSKRYB fleet is always changing and evolving to bring members the best vehicles for every lifestyle.

With our mobile-app you’ll select the category of vehicle which suits your needs, and leave the rest to us.

You can also give us special requests. More seats? Extra luggage room? Special date night? Certain brands or models? We’ve got you covered. We listen and learn. .

Vehicles are all from current and previous model years. Each vehicle is cleaned before and after it goes to a member. We make every booking feel like you are getting into a new vehicle.